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Third Party Certification

Procedure for inspection of Boiler by Third Parties Certification

1. New Boiler/Economiser/Steam Pipeline Registration Inspection:
  1. i). Owner shall engage a government approved appropriate erector for erection of boiler.
  2. ii). Owner shall engage a Competent Person to inspect Boiler after completion of erection.
  3. iii). After completion of inspection by competent person and before the use of the boiler owner has to submit application for the registration of the boiler through the Boilers Department web portal along with the following.
    1. a) Form-I/IX, Form-V/X, issued by competent person along with the Annexure.
    2. b) All IBR documents FormII, III,IV, IIIC, IIIB, test certificates of all perssure parts, approved drawings of all pressure parts tube layout, Welding details, Manhole and head hole, feed pipeline and blow down details, Tube plate layout, Radiographic test reports, All Header joints, All tube joints, All drum joints, All Internal piping joints, Post weld heat tretment reports of all joints, etc containing folder, Steam pipeline layout drawings, All Form III A, III B, III C of all pipes valves, and fittings in case of steam pipeline.
    3. c) Registration fees as per G.O.Ms.No. 06, dated: 30.04.2015 of Labour Employment Training & Factories (Labour) Department
  4. iv) After receipt of the above documents the Director of Boilers shall verify the documents and if found satisfactory allot the TS Registration number
  5. v) The owner of the boiler shall engrave the boiler registration number as specified in the engraving slip
  6. vi) After engraving the boiler registration number the competent person shall conduct the steam test and if found satisfactory he shall submit Form-VI/XI to the Director of Boilers for countersignature.
  7. vii) Director of Boilers shall countersign the certificate with in time limits.

2. Renewal of Existing Boiler Certificate:

  1. i) Owner shall engage a competent person before expiry of their existing boiler certificate.
  2. ii) After that owner has to submit a application to Boiler Department through the Boiler Portal before the inspection.
  3. iii) After completion of the inspection by competent person the owner of the boiler shall submit the certificate of the boiler along with the fee details with in 7 days to the Director of Boilers.
  4. iv) Director of Boilers shall record the above details in M.I. & R. Books.
  5. v) in case of repairs and alteration of working pressure the owner shall submit the certificate of boiler in 2 copies along with the fee details with in 7 days to the Director of Boilers
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