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       The main function of this Department is to carryout statutory inspections and issuing fitness certificates to Boilers in the state periodically, in order to avoid Boiler explosions.


      Steam Generating Boiler at elevated pressure and temperature is highly explosive in nature and explodes when it is suddenly exposed to atmospheric pressure due to failure of Boilers. Such explosion causes destruction of life and property around Boilers. Therefore , Boilers Act, Indian Boiler Regulation 1950 framed to ensure proper design, construction, operation and maintenance of Boilers and thereby avoid Boiler explosions.

  1. 1.   The Boilers Act, 1923 (Central Act)
  2. 2.   Indian Boilers Regulations, 1950 (Central Regulations)
  3. 3.   Andhra Pradesh Boiler Rules, 1967
  4. 4.   Andhra Pradesh Economiser Rules, 1959
  5. 5.   Boiler Attendant Rules, 2011
  6. 6.   Boiler Operation Engineer Rules, 2011.

      The Administrative machinery provided to Boilers Department are all Mechanical Engineering Graduates with knowledge in design, Construction, Operation and maintenance of Boilers, and also in Metallurgy, Process of combustion, heat transfer etc..


       This Department carries out statutory annual inspections (Third Party Inspections) of all Boilers and related equipment in the state by visiting each Boiler.

       The Boilers which are fit and safe are certified for use for a period not exceeding 12 months. Repairs are ordered for unfit Boilers.

       Whenever an accident occurs to a Boiler, the accident Inspection and failure analysis is carried out by the Department.

a)  Thorough Examination:

       At the time of periodical issue of Fitness certificate for a Boiler in use, the Boiler is thoroughly Examined in open condition. In this examination, every square inch of a Boiler is thoroughly examined for identifying defects. As some damage during use is common, it requires high Engineering skills to assess the engineering deficiency of a particular damage. Modern methods like ultrasonic thickness gauging is used for measuring thickness of various Boiler components.

b)   Hydraulic Test:

       After Thorough Examination, Boiler pressure parts are subjected to 150 percent of its working pressure to test its ultimate fitness in order to assess the affect of deficiencies.

c)   Inspection during Repairs:

       Wherever required, repairs shall be carried out to a Boiler. It requires very high degree of Engineering skills, knowledge of codes, etc. to decide the nature and extent of minimum repairs to be done to regain the original design strength of a Boiler. Stage wise inspections are carried out during repairs.

d)   Steam Test:

       Once after erection of a Boiler and whenever there is change in the working pressure or increase in rating (Heating surface) Steam Test is carried out to assess the performance and fitness of a Boiler in use. Steam Test is conducted by subjecting the Boiler to the highest working pressure in presence of the officer of Boilers Department.

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